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How Boomers Can Help Improve Health Care: Emerging Encore Career Opportunities in Health Care

In this 2010 white paste, Partners in Care Foundation identifies six emerging jobs for experienced workers that have the potential to improve health outcomes, such as community health workers and chronic illness coaches.

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Boomers Can Help the Nation Go Green

In this 2010 white paper, the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning reveals how the green economy must tap existing talent to grow quickly and suggests that certain emerging jobs offer promising opportunities to experienced workers.

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How Boomers Can Contribute to Student Success: Emerging Encore Opportunities in K-12 Education

In this 2010 whit paper, the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future identifies emerging jobs, including teacher coaches and content advisers, that represent promising opportunities to encore workers.

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After the Recovery: Help Needed; The Coming Labor Shortage and How People in Encore Careers Can Help Solve It

As surprising as it sounds, 2010 research from MetLife Foundation and projected there would be more jobs than people to fill them by 2018. This report asserts that engaging workers over 55 in encore careers will be vital to meeting workforce shortages and critical social needs.

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Encore Fellowships Brochure

Promotional brochure explaining the Encore Fellows Program

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Evaluation of the 2009 Silicon Valley Encore Fellows Pilot

External evaluator’s report of the 2009 Silicon Valley Encore Fellows Pilot, by the LFA Group.

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An Encore for Nonprofit Leaders: Making the World a Better Place, Continued

What lies ahead for nonprofit leaders as they approach traditional retirement age and contemplate leaving their jobs? What kinds of encore careers are open to them? Former nonprofit leaders explain how they arrived at their encores, including work as interim nonprofit executive directors and consultants to nonprofits.

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Rewards at Work: Inspiring Productive Employees Across Career Stages

While some nonprofits might not be able to afford higher salaries, they can find ways (some relatively easy) to make up for the difference in pay and enhance overall compensation. In choosing what kinds of rewards to offer, a nonprofit must consider the multigenerational makeup of the workforce it needs to achieve its mission.

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Beyond the Classroom: Engaging Boomers in Encore Careers That Help Students Succeed

This report highlights organizations that are using boomers’ professional expertise and life experience to help deliver more and better services to young people, such as college application help and tutoring.

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A New Equation: How Encore Careers in Math and Science Education Equal More Success for Students

This paper explores how programs that are creating encore roles, for both retired teachers and professionals with science backgrounds, contribute to students’ understanding of math and science.

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