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Media Coverage of and the Encore Movement

“The encore career movement has already left the station and is picking up steam.”
USA Today

“If more people take on encore careers… the boomers who arrived on the scene by igniting a sexual revolution could leave by staging a give-back revolution. Boomers may just be remembered more for what they did in their 60s than for what they did in the Sixties.”
— Nick Kristof, The New York Times

“While Washington worries about the growing burden of entitlement spending to support an aging population, programs like Encore are focused on leveraging the experience of millions of retirees for the greater good.”
— Reuters

“The U.S. university system is arguably one of the nation’s greatest assets for young students . . . would like it to become one of the greatest assets for older students.”
US News & World Report Media Contacts

For all media inquiries and speaking requests, please contact:

Marci Alboher, Vice President, Marketing and Communications,, at malboher [at] encore [dot] org


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