For the first time in U.S. history, people over 60 outnumber people under 18, raising fears of widening generational divides. We see another way.

We are older activists, innovators and leaders, standing with younger allies to bridge divides, connect across generations and create a better future together.

We elevate innovators and ideas that bring generations together. We accelerate intergenerational solutions to pressing social problems, from literacy to loneliness.

We uncover new ways to bring age diversity to schools, workplaces, communities and social movements. We tell a new story about generational solidarity.

We live Gen2Gen.

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This is living Gen2Gen

“The stakes couldn’t be higher. Prompted by the arrival of our profoundly multigenerational and multicultural future, we must choose between two paths forward — one characterized by scarcity, conflict and loneliness; the other by abundance, interdependence and connection.”

— Marc Freedman, CEO and founder,

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