Below you’ll find events that is hosting, as well as events we’ve discovered through friends or partners in our community. For more information about each event and to register, click on the blue title. If you’d like to list a virtual event here, please send the listing — title, date and time, registration link and/or link to join, and a 1-2 sentence description — to [email protected]

Events hosted by

November 18, 2020 at 930am PT / 1230 pm ET
Interested in learning what is all about? Want to get a better understanding of the encore movement — and your place in it? Got questions about your own next steps? Join us for the monthly Encore 101 Orientation: Welcome to the Movement! In just an hour, you’ll be empowered with inspiration, ideas and resources. The “longevity dividend”, intergenerational connections, Encore’s mission and work, how to live Gen2Gen and find your encore – we’ll cover those topics and more, with lots of time to hear from you.

Events hosted by other organizations

October 29, 2020 at 530pm PT / 830pm ET
Hosted by: At Home with Growing Older
Join At Home with Growing Older for a conversation about ‘Renewment’: a movement to create fulfillment in the next life chapters with Helen Dennis. Helen is co-author of the Los Angeles Times bestseller, “Project Renewment®: The First Retirement Model for Career Women” and has been recognized by PBS Next Avenue as one of the nation’s 50 influencers in aging.

November 7, 2020 at 1100am PT / 200pm ET
Hosted by: Citizen University
In moments like these that call for courage, hope, and resolve, we must connect and fortify ourselves in community with others. At Civic Saturday, we’ll gather as friends and strangers to hear poetry, readings of civic texts, sing together with a local musician, share thoughts and ideas, and hear a “civic sermon” from Citizen University CEO Eric Liu. Join Civic Saturday on YouTube Live on November 7 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET. Then participants will talk in small groups with people like you across the country afterward in Civic Circles on Zoom. (You will receive links to both in the confirmation email after you sign up.)

November 11-19, 2020
Hosted by: DOC NYC
Featuring: Encore Public Voices Fellow Sian-Pierre Regis
After stints as a contributor to CNN and MTV, Encore Public Voices Fellow Sian-Pierre Regis makes his directing debut with this poignant story about his immigrant mother, Rebecca Danigelis. At the age of 75, she’s fired from her lifelong job as a hotel housekeeper. She has scant savings after supporting two sons as a single mother. As his mother struggles to find a new job and faces ageism, Sian-Pierre cares for Rebecca by giving her an unforgettable adventure. Their story was covered in The New York Times article, “My Retirement Plan Is You,” and resonates for a whole generation of adults grappling with how to care for their parents. Included with the screening ticket is an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Director/Producer Sian-Pierre Regis, Subject/Mother of Director Rebecca Danigelis, immediately following the film.

November 12, 2020 at 1130am PT / 230pm ET
Hosted by: The Future of Aging Coalition (a CNAP Alliance initiative), The Center on Aging & Work at the Boston College School of Social Work, Massachusetts Gerontology Association, Encore Boston Network, and The Rosemary B. Fuss Center for Research on Aging and Intergenerational Studies
Featuring: Encore Public Voices Fellow Cal Halvorsen
We all want the right to choose how we work, learn and engage in our communities throughout our lives, but especially in our later years. These activities help us define our identity and give us purpose and meaning. But what happens when our options are limited by factors over which we have no control, like race, birthplace, social and economic class, or others? And when those factors intersect, like being both gay and Black, are those effects magnified? And how does age enter this equation? This webinar will present recent research on how social position limits the prospects for work, learning and civic engagement among low-income workers, people of Color and other marginalized groups. It will also discuss how the pandemic has exacerbated these inequalities as well as its impact on the future of aging. Featured in this event are Tina Matz, Encore Public Voices Fellow Cal Halvorsen, Rocio Calvo and Jackie James of the Center for Aging & Work at Boston College, along with Kendra Jason of UNC, and Abby Helsinger and Samuel Van Vleet of University of Miami in Ohio.

November 12, 2020 at 200pm PT / 500pm ET
Hosted by: AARP Oregon
At any time of year, but especially between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day, holidays give people a chance to take a break from their ordinary activities and to refocus on their values and relationships. But holidays can also be problematic times that create loneliness, anxiety, and stress — this year more than ever. This timely presentation from writer and gerontologist Jeanette Leardi, M.A. offers helpful tips for anticipating, celebrating, and reflecting on the holidays. It provides strategies for remaining centered; taking maximum advantage of this special time to be with loved ones; honoring spiritual, cultural, and family traditions; and inventing new ones that carry celebrations into the future. Note: This event is part of AARP Oregon’s Vital Aging 2020 Conference, which takes place from Nov. 10-12, 2020. All sessions are free and non-Oregon residents are welcome to register.

November 14, 2020 at 700am PT / 1000am ET
Hosted by: Envisâge
Envisâge 2020 is an international conference on ageism towards women. This online event will feature a diverse panel of speakers who will share their experiences, perspectives, and resources for the wide range of ageism issues affecting women. The mission is to bring these discussions into the mainstream, empower women, and provide tools for all of us to take action in building a more inclusive, safe, and appreciative future for women of all ages.

November 16, 2020 at 700am PT / 1000am ET
Hosted by: Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan
This symposium will feature a conversation between Paul Irving, Chairman, Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging and Rabbi Laura Geller, author of Getting Good at Getting Older. Attendees select one workshop from a variety of offerings; topics include food, dance, literature, mindfulness, memory, and loneliness. Small group or breakout sessions will create opportunities for conversations and connections over lunch, and a movement session will be incorporated into the day. Technology will permit widespread access to expanded resources along with recordings of the day.

Hosted by: The OpEd Project
Every Thursday during the coronavirus crisis, at 5pm EST, The OpEd Project hosts weekly webinars in order to share fast information + live Q&A with their community. Led by their journalists and published fellows, they will address topics including how to Write, Edit, Pitch & Amplify your op-eds. Let’s ensure that those most impacted by #COVID19 are included in the story AND the solution. Open to all, regardless of means.

Hosted by: Be Social Change
Each week, BSC speaks with Coronavirus experts, leaders, and community organizers to discuss their stories, and what we can do to make a positive impact for ourselves, in the lives of our neighbors and the local community, as well as the wider eco-systems of nonprofits and businesses driving important work right now.

Weekly, on Fridays at 1100am PT / 200pm ET
Hosted by: End Well Live
This is a weekly conversation between Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider and special guests about how we can collectively build community, comfort and support for those facing serious illness, their caregivers and families during these difficult times.

Hosted by: Experience Talks
Featuring: Encore Public Voices Fellow Tim Carpenter
Join Encore Public Voices Fellow Tim Carpenter, CEO/Founder of EngAGE, as he shares the experience of dynamic baby boomers and beyond in a way that communicates across generations.

Hosted by: American Society on Aging
Join ASA president and CEO, Peter Kaldes, as he hosts a series of 45-minute conference calls with leaders in the field to share their strategies to cope with the challenges brought about by COVID-19. Participants will discuss what practices they have put in place that may be transferable to other service providers across the country. They will offer practical tips and unexpected issues they successfully confronted along the way.

Hosted by: The Grand
Grand Sessions bring young people together in small group discussions on a specific topic, with each session led by a “grand” guide — an older adult further ahead on the journey. Tickets to each session are typically $25, but they have shifted to a “pay what you wish” model to ensure people are able to stay connected to a supportive community during these trying times.

Hosted by: Greater Good Science Center (GGSC)
The GGSC — which reports on groundbreaking research into the roots of compassion, happiness, and altruism — is offering these resources. Follow them on Facebook for updates and schedule:

  • Eve Ekman and Emiliana Simon-Thomas lead teachings and Q&As on Facebook Live to help you find connection, positivity and resilience.
  • Additionally, you’re invited to join (free) special three-times-per-week, 50-minute virtual experiments where you will come together online and in community to enhance our collective well-being.

Hosted by: Kumu
Kumu hosts in-person and virtual sense-induced gatherings to deepen our connection to our spirit, celebrate our inner vitality, and remind us of our true selves. Conversation saloons, lively dancing, and meaningful dinners with thought leaders are just some of the many ways they cultivate joy — together.

Hosted by: Kasley Killam, MPH
Featuring: Encore Public Voices Fellow Kasley Killam
Social wellness is about how connection and relationships fuel our health and happiness. There are many amazing people working in this space, including researchers, entrepreneurs, and community builders. And every Wednesday at 12pm PT / 3pm ET Encore Public Voices Fellow Kasley Killam will chat with them! Join her on Instagram Live: @KasleyKillam

Hosted by: The Grand
This is a 14-week program that combines facilitated learning with peer support to give you the clarity and confidence you need to navigate a career change. The Grand Quest is fully remote, open to people from all over the world and scholarships are available.

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