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Encore Public Voices Fellows

We are thrilled to announce the 20 leaders in the inaugural cohort of this special fellowship. This diverse group brings together leading thinkers working at the intersection of aging, longevity and social justice. Participants receive support, skills and mentoring to ensure their ideas shape the greater public conversation. Key partners include: 
  • The OpEd Project, a think tank and leadership organization that accelerates the ideas and public impact of underrepresented voices, including women.
  • Ann MacDougall, former president of who serves as a senior advisor to the Encore Public Voices Fellowship.
  • The members of our Advisory Council: Ellen Goodman (chair), Mary C. Curtis, Katie Orenstein, Trabian Shorters, Sree Sreenivasan, Ken Dychtwald, and Lester Strong.
Read more about the criterion for selection here.

Meet the 2018-19 Fellows

Fellows in the Media:


Want To Use Your Voice?

Thank you for your interest in the Encore Public Voices Fellowship! Applications are currently closed, but we expect to open up the process for 2019-20 by late spring 2019. In the meantime, please provide your contact information to begin receiving our communications. We’ll share some ways that we can help to support your writing and thought leadership, as well as information about applications once they’re open.