Encore Physicians Program

Encore Physicians Program Application


The Encore Physicians Program is a pilot program that matches retired physicians to rewarding clinical roles in community health centers which deliver care to under-served populations. The physicians are paid a stipend for providing direct patient care and mentoring younger clinicians two days per week for one year.

How the Encore Physicians Program Works


  • The pilot program matches retired physicians looking for a meaningful way to utilize their skills after retirement to community health centers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.
  • Physicians commit to work two days per week for a year in a community health center for a $50,000 stipend.
  • Encore identifies physicians interested in the program, sets up interviews to match physicians with health centers, and provides educational sessions and networking opportunities for members of the cohort.
  • Community health centers provide credentialing, develop work terms, pay the stipend directly to physicians, arrange malpractice insurance and help onboard the physician.
  • Physicians provide direct patient care and mentoring of younger clinicians.
  • Pilot program in Alameda/Contra Costa counties.


  • For questions, contact Dr. Gerald Bourne at [email protected].
  • Apply using the above application.
  • Matches are based on mutual agreement only; a match is not guaranteed.

Throughout the year, the Program will bring participants together for networking and educational opportunities. The Encore Physicians Program is committed to providing an excellent experience for both physicians and clinics through a robust matching process, ongoing program support, communication and constructive evaluation.

Encore.org works with the Alameda Health Consortium, a regional association of community health centers. The project is supported by Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Programs.


Contact Dr. Gerald Bourne, Encore Physicians Program  at [email protected] .