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For the first time in U.S. history, people over 60 outnumber people under 18, raising fears of widening generational divides. Encore.org sees another path — a more-old-than-young society that works for all generations. By accelerating intergenerational solutions to pressing social problems from literacy to loneliness, Encore.org bridges divides and collaborates across generations to create a better future together. 

Encore.org was founded on the belief that the aging of America isn’t so much a problem to be solved as it is an opportunity to be seized. For 20 years, we’ve worked to change cultural expectations for the years beyond 50 and spark a movement around second acts for the greater good.

In our own second act, we see that intergenerational connection can help us solve critical problems, bridge divides, bring joy to the second half of life, and help all ages thrive. Our work is now focused on these intergenerational solutions.

Our work

Encore.org is a nonprofit dedicated to bridging divides, connecting across generations and creating a better future together.

We work to change the culture by elevating new ideas and diverse voices on the power of connection and collaboration across generational divides.

We accelerate innovation by offering a variety of fellowships that empower people bringing generations together to solve society’s greatest problems, increase capacity in the social sector, and create new models for the multigenerational workforce.

And we leverage leaders, organizations and networks to build a movement making intergenerational connection and collaboration the norm.

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Our Gen2Gen Initiative

In 2016, Encore.org launched the Generation to Generation (Gen2Gen) campaign to engage many more older adults in the lives of young people. We built partnerships with more than 250 organizations, developed best practices for engaging older adults in nonprofit work, provided mini-grants to activists working in real life, and shared inspiration and ideas with tens of thousands of people via email and social media.

We’ve seen that intergenerational connection can solve critical problems, bridge divides, bring joy to the second half of life, and help all ages thrive. Today, instead of operating as a separate program of Encore.org, the Gen2Gen campaign’s goals, values and ethos are at the heart of all of our work.

Our team

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Our legacies

We are innovators, looking to spark broad, societal change. Over the years, we have created two programs, refined and demonstrated their effectiveness, and spun them off to a new home with the institutional capacity and commitment to take them to scale.

Experience Corps mobilizes people 50+ to help young children in 22 cities learn to read and succeed.

The Purpose Prize identifies and invests in social innovators doing their most important work in the years beyond midlife.



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