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2007 BreakThrough Award: Showcasing Organizations That Tap the Passion and Experience of People Over 50 to Improve Society

This report profiles the winners of the 2007 BreakThrough Award, sponsored by MetLife Foundation and, which recognizes nonprofit and public sector organizations providing meaningful public interest jobs for people over 50. (In 2009, the award became known as the Encore Opportunity Awards.)

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Troops to Teachers: A Model Pathway to a Second Tour of Duty

This federal program helps experienced military veterans become teachers and role models in challenged schools

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New Face of Work Survey

The results of this 2005 survey, sponsored by MetLife Foundation and and conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, show that people in their 50s and 60s want to do work that helps others. These individuals want careers that are about people, purpose and community.

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The New Face of Retirement

The findings of this 2002 survey, conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates, show that 9/11 appeared to have a galvanizing effect on the retirement plans of Americans ages 50 to 75. Forty percent of people in that age group reported feeling more likely to volunteer as a result of the terrorist attacks.

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Recasting Retirement: New Perspectives on Aging and Civic Engagement

If we can motivate experienced Americans to apply a portion of their newfound time and accumulated experience toward public service, the result would be a windfall for American civic life as this 2002 research found.

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