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Tapping Encore Talent

This 2008 survey of nonprofit employers, sponsored by MetLife Foundation and (formerly Civic Ventures), found that seven out of 10 nonprofit employers rated the experience that encore workers bring to the job as a significant benefit.


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Get Started Guide (Looking for an Encore Career? The Guide to Finding Work That Matters)

The Get Started Guide offers expert advice, tips and success stories about how to pursue encore careers in education, health care, government and the environment.

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Boomers and National Service: Learning From the Success of Youth Service

The grassroots youth service movement of the 1980s, recognized by a federal commission on national service, offers lessons for a commission focused on service by boomers.

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Are You Experienced? How Boomers Can Help Our Government Meet Its Talent Needs

As millions of boomers retire, the federal government will be especially hard hit. One solution: Look toward other retiring boomers.

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Boomers Are Ready for Nonprofits, But Are Nonprofits Ready for Them?

This Conference Board report, sponsored by, focuses on the impact boomer retirements will have on the stability, growth and potential of the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits that understand the needs and value of experienced employees will be more successful in tapping into this talent source.

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