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An Encore of Service: Experienced Americans Helping Children and Youth

National service for encore-stage adults is a robust (and replenishing) human resource that can improve lives, communities and society, according to Shirley Sagawa and John Bridgeland, Service Year Alliance President/CEO and Vice-Chairman, respectively.

Read their full report, “An Encore of Service: Experienced Americans Helping Vulnerable Youth.”

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Doing Good By Doing Well: Encore Fellows™ Build Nonprofits’ Capacity to Serve Children and Youth

To better understand how Encore Fellows™ deliver impact in the organizations in which they serve (usually 1000 hours over a one-year period in stipended roles to improve organizational capacity, Jacquelyn James, Co-director of the Center on Aging & Work at Boston College, interviewed fellows, executive directors and other key staff at three organizations across the U.S. that worked on issues advancing the needs of children and youth. The study highlights commonalities among these three organizations in how both

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The Encore Talent Impact Project: A Study of Encore Talent at Work

In 2015 and six study partners surveyed nonprofit organizations that had used people in encore roles and asked about the kinds of impact they had observed and the personal characteristics of the individuals that might have contributed to that impact. The results – from volunteers to stipended roles, people in encores deliver unexpected types of impact across the board.

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Meaning, Purpose, Impact Make the Difference in Encore Roles

People considering encore transitions value meaning and purpose in their current work — and in future encore roles, according to 2014 research.

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Building Momentum for Encore Careers

Research trendlines since 2008 show broad appeal, rising interest and diminishing worries about the coming decades among people in midlife, according to national research by and Penn Schoen Berland.

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