Oprah Winfrey has her sights on two 2010 Purpose Prize winners. Margaret Gordon and Dana Freyer were recently showcased on Oprah.com for the extraordinary work they do in their encores.

Gordon, a former housekeeper, became an environmental activist fighting the poor air quality and the rampant asthma it caused in her Oakland, California, neighborhood. She co-founded the The West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project. Winfrey’s website says Gordon embodies this ideal: “You become what you believe.” Take a look here.

Freyer, a former corporate lawyer, started the Global Partnership for Afghanistan to help rural Afghans build sustainable livelihoods and restore their environment by revitalizing woodlots, vineyards and orchards. On Winfrey’s website, Freyer is cited in a 60-second commercial, sponsored by the Toyota Venza, as an “Everyday Visionary.” The pitch: “What’s your next passion in life?” Watch the clip here.

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