Author: Marc Freedman

Statement from CEO Marc Freedman on the Passing of Harris Wofford

This week saw the passing of Harris Wofford, on Martin Luther King’s Birthday, as fate would have it. Wofford played a critical role in bringing together King and President John F. Kennedy, and was a driving force in the civil rights movement. A powerful writer, he went on to author the magisterial book Of Kennedys […]

Reserve your copy of How to Live Forever today!

Although I didn’t always realize it, my new book, How to Live Forever, has been a work in progress for the past 30 years. For decades I’ve been on a quest to answer a set of increasingly urgent questions: How can a society with more older people than younger ones thrive? With so many living […]

Need STEM Teachers? Look to Older Adults

“With jobs, as with parties, it is best to leave when you are still having a good time.” With that, British business columnist Lucy Kellaway announced in late 2016 that she would no longer write the columns that had made her a revered figure in Britain for three decades. But Ms. Kellaway, then 57, wasn’t […]