Since yesterday’s announcement that Intel has become the first company to offer Encore Fellowships to all of its U.S. employees approaching retirement, major media have shown major interest.

The Wall Street Journal’s Don Clark says companies such as Intel understand “that people these days may live longer and go through many phases in their work lives.”

In USA Today, reporter Sandra Block explains that demand for Encore Fellowships is strong among boomers who want to give back. Encore Fellowships are paid assignments working at local nonprofits, part or full time for six months to a year. Experienced Intel employees nationwide will have the opportunity to apply for such fellowships, earning stipends of $25,000 and helping nonprofits come closer to achieving their missions. Intel will cover the cost of the fellowships.

“The end of corporate retirement benefits is an old story,” writes Kerry Hannon in a Forbes blog post. “The rise of retirement benefits, well that’s worth some hoopla.”

And in an Oregonian article about the Intel program, Cheryl Edmonds, 60, describes her Encore Fellowship sponsored by HP. During the fellowship she worked for a nonprofit organization that focuses on literacy and health. Edmonds, a former HP field engineer and marketer, says, “A lot of folks who are attracted to this sort of thing come out of the corporate life.”

To learn more about Encore Fellowships and how to apply, go here.

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