Below are key facts about the Encore Fellows™ program. If you think an Encore Fellow might be right for your organization, register now for our webinar on September 17 at 11am PT / 2pm ET. During this virtual event you’ll hear three leaders share their experience hosting an Encore Fellow, learn more about the program and have the opportunity to ask questions. 

What are Encore Fellowships?

Encore Fellowships is’s innovative program that matches skilled, seasoned professionals who have 20+ years of experience with nonprofit organizations in high impact, stipended assignments. Host organizations reap the powerful benefits of experienced professionals at highly cost-effective rates. Fellows seeking to transition to social purpose work learn about the sector and develop contacts and resources for a meaningful second act. 

What roles have Encore Fellows™ held at nonprofit organizations?

Encore Fellows™ bring decades of private sector experience and leadership skills, maturity, flexibility and motivation. Encore Fellows™ work as thought partners and provide critical talent in a variety of areas including leadership development, strategic planning, operations and process improvement, information technology, training and learning development, marketing and communications, financial management, fund development, and program management. 

What is the standard cost of an Encore Fellowship?

The cost to a nonprofit host for the standard 1,000-hour fellowship, completed over 6 to 12 months, includes a stipend ranging from $15,000 to  $25,000 based on location. This is paid directly to the Fellow. In addition, a program fee between $,5000 and $6,000 is paid to for finding the right candidate and providing support throughout the fellowship period. Our nonprofit hosts find that the sustained impact of the fellows’ work results in resources for their organization that far outstrips the Encore Fellow’s costs. 

Can a nonprofit engage an Encore fellow for short-term assignments during Covid-19 crisis?

Due to Covid-19, has introduced short-term fellowships ranging from 3 to 6 months to help nonprofits get access to experienced talent as quickly as possible at a more reasonable cost. Fellows can help virtualize your programs, revamp budgets, find new development sources, investigate changes needed in your operations, and more. If the assignment can be accomplished remotely, there is an even larger pool of experienced talent to draw on. 

How have Encore Fellows™ continued to help nonprofits during the pandemic?

  • Marlene Somerville, a former IT exec, helped Hack the Hood take its application process online and launch its first-ever virtual summer bootcamp. 
  • Carrie Knapp, an HR veteran, helped Impact Justice create equitable job and pay structures, and refine performance management and employee policies. 
  • Edgar Maxion, a facilities and construction manager, helps Sunnyvale Community Services provide essential services, keep employees safe, and manage the renovation of a multimillion dollar property purchased just before the pandemic.
  • Tech professionals George Manning and Carol Kasten worked at SaverLife to help more Americans save money. After their fellowship, they joined SaverLife in CTO and CISO roles! 

What impact have Encore Fellows™ created in the last 10 years?

Over the past 10 years, more than 2,000 Encore Fellows™ have served at hundreds of organizations — including AARP, Girl Scouts, College Track, SaverLife, the Salvation Army, Sunnyvale Community Services, Tech Bridge, Habitat for Humanity, the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, Impact Justice, and many more. Visit our website to learn about Encore Fellows™ – 10 years of Impact and read stories of nonprofits that have benefited from our program.

Register now for the webinar on September 17  to learn more. 

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