New Talent Source for Social Impact

Encore Fellowships began with a pilot program of ten Fellows in 2009 in California’s Silicon Valley. Its purpose – to deliver a new source of talent to help social sector organizations build capacity, grow strategically and ultimately have a bigger impact on critical social problems.

Since then, thousands of Fellows have been matched with social sector organizations in close to 50 metropolitan areas. Companies including IBM, Qualcomm, Cisco, Hewlett Packard and Intel have sponsored Encore Fellows.

In Host Organization evaluations between 2016 and 2018, 97% of hosts agreed that their Encore Fellow had impact in a critical area of their operation and 89% of hosts agreed that the impact of their Encore Fellows would continue past the fellowship.

According to 2018 research, close to 60% of Fellows have continued working at their host organization or another social sector organization after their Fellowship ended, 8% consulted in the sector and 9% joined a board in their community.


Millions in Benefits 2009-2018

Encore Fellows have provided close to 2 million hours of service, contributing the equivalent of $200 million to not-for-profit organizations in over 50 metropolitan areas.

95% of all work hosts surveyed since 2009 say that Encore Fellows contribute valuable ideas, tools and expertise.


The 2015 study, The Encore Impact Project: A Study of Encore Talent at Work, quantifies encore impact across a range of nonprofit engagements. partnered with six organizations to begin to describe the impact of paid and pro-bono encore engagements on social mission, organizational capacity, and service to their communities.

Impact on Community

  • Contributed skill(s) or labor that the community might not otherwise been able to access 91% 91%

Impact on Social Mission

  • Contributed labor in direct service of our mission 79% 79%

Impact on Organizational Capacity

  • Contributed idea(s), approaches to our work, or tools new and useful to the organization 73% 73%

“The Encore Fellowships program is really extraordinary. It’s one of those enlightened ideas where both the organization and the Fellow give a lot and get a lot.”

— Donna Garban, Encore Fellowships Network Alumna

Case Studies of Encore Fellow Impacts

Doing Good by Doing Well: Encore Fellows Build Nonprofits’ Capacity to Serve Children and Youth, a 2015 study from Boston College Center on Aging & Work, presented three case studies of Encore Fellows, skilled professionals working in paid, time-limited, high-impact assignments.

The durable impact of their contributions should encourage nonprofits to tap into this growing pool of talent and expertise to help tackle vital issues and problems with the smarts, finesse and ability that experience confers.


“What Works” SSIR Case Study of the
Fellowships Network

A 2013 case study by the Stanford Social Innovation Review examined the Encore Fellowships use of a network-scaling model to grow the program from an initial pilot in Silicon Valley to a national network of program operators, greatly increasing opportunities for  professionals to transition from private sector careers into high-impact roles in the nonprofit sector


“Each element helped to ensure that the fellowship experience delivered significant value to both the fellows and their nonprofit work hosts. For example, carefully structuring the engagements and their duration helped to ensure that fellows worked on high-quality assignments that fully leveraged their expertise. It also ensured that social purpose organizations had a well-defined need and were open to new talent strategies.”

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