ALERT: Today’s NYTimes features How to Live Forever. Spread the word!

I’ve got big news today — and I’d love your help shouting it from the rooftops! Today’s New York Times includes a major article — “Want to Leave a Legacy? Be a Mentor” — featuring CEO Marc Freedman’s new book, How to Live Forever. Renowned health columnist Jane Brody says the book “spoke volumes” […]

{Re-}Introducing Myself

After a year at the helm of the Encore Fellowships team, Anne Kirwan left to pursue her next challenge. Anne left the program in great shape with exciting new opportunities in place and on the horizon. I speak for the entire EFN community in wishing her the best and expressing our gratitude for all […]

On Presidents’ Day, Let’s Reach for the Stars

  Nearly 50 years ago, President Kennedy’s bold dream to land on the moon was realized. I can recall exactly where I was on July 20, 1969, watching Neil Armstrong describe his “one small step” on the moon’s surface as a “giant leap for mankind.” Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans erupted in cheers. Strangers enjoying […]