Encore Fellowships Network Expands to Boulder County, Colorado

We are pleased to announce our newest Program for Encore Fellowships, Social Venture Partners, Boulder County, the fifth Social Venture Partners chapter to work with Encore to utilize Encore Fellowships as a component of their engaged philanthropy strategy. Social Venture Partners Boulder County launched the Encore Fellowships program earlier this year. Carolyn Powell, Encore Fellowships Program Manager […]

Still heeding JFK’s call to serve

I was in high school when I sat in front of the TV with my parents watching John F. Kennedy be inaugurated as president. The experience shaped the adult I would become in ways I never imagined. In JFK’s words, I heard the call to take an active role in my country. Today I am […]

Dawn Blackman: City Girl Turns Urban Gardener, Feeds Thousands

A neophyte urban gardener helps to transform a food desert in Champaign, IL, into a land of bounty, growing food for thousands of local residents, teaching children to farm, feeding the hungry — and creating a community hub for generations to grow and learn together. Read more about Dawn Blackman Sr. in’s newest contribution […]

Keeping Experienced Talent on the Job Makes Sense

Too often, organizations “squander precious talent,” based on archaic stereotypes and plain discrimination. My USA Today op-ed explains how lazy thinking limits productivity: “People are generally living longer and healthier lives, but ageism — or something that looks very much like it — is alive and kicking. Mark Zuckerberg once famously said that “younger people are just smarter.” […]

Nurturing Purpose Beyond the Self in Older Adults

This article was written by Anne Colby and Jim Emerman. The Pathways to Encore Purpose (PEP) project is a collaboration between the Stanford Graduate School of Education and The project began with a nationally representative survey of nearly 1,200 adults, ages 50-90, followed by more than 100 in-depth interviews. At the same time, […]

Stand up for National Service

I was 25 when I inadvertently landed in the mecca of national service, leading Experience Corps Bay Area, an intergenerational tutoring program fueled by service members of all ages. Over the course of the most formative decade of my career, I found myself working side-by-side with a thriving, multicultural, multigenerational team, including dozens of AmeriCorps […]