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The ‘Grannies Respond’ Caravan Standing Up for Kids

An upcoming six-day bus trip to protest border policies “When the news started breaking about children being separated from their families [at the Mexico/U.S. border], the image I couldn’t get out of my head was my three-year-old son in a cage, picturing how he’d be reacting, what he’d be doing, and wondering who would be […]

On Presidents’ Day, Let’s Reach for the Stars

  Nearly 50 years ago, President Kennedy’s bold dream to land on the moon was realized. I can recall exactly where I was on July 20, 1969, watching Neil Armstrong describe his “one small step” on the moon’s surface as a “giant leap for mankind.” Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans erupted in cheers. Strangers enjoying […]

How an Alliance Between Millennials and Religious Sisters Has Changed Outlooks

  The number of Roman Catholic women religious – colloquially known as nuns – in the United States fell about 75 percent between 1965 and 2016, according to Catholic News Service. But many of the approximately 49,000 women leading this life today believe that new models and approaches will nourish and grow their traditions of […]

Father-Daughter Team Promotes Intergenerational Entrepreneurship

What’s the best way to create and fund startups? Jim Sugarman has two words for you: intergenerational entrepreneurship. A successful entrepreneur himself, Sugarman and his millennial daughter, Samantha, created 4GenNow last year to match older and younger entrepreneurs and help them find funding. In the interview below, Jim Sugarman answers’s questions about the new […]

The Generation Gap and the Future of American Politics

The generation gap in the 2018 congressional election — the largest in history — offers a peek at what the contours of American politics could look like for decades to come. Here are the key takeaways. We’re seeing the largest partisan age gap ever. We’ve never before had a mid-term election in which young and […]