Author: Betsy Werley

The Talent Revolution: Longevity and the Future of Work

Longer working lives are the most influential driver transforming today’s workplace. That’s the premise of a new book by Lisa Taylor and Fern Lebo called The Talent Revolution: Longevity and the Future of Work (Rotman-UTP Publishing, May 2019). “We wrote The Talent Revolution to build career and talent management structures that support longer working lives,” says […]

Ageism Alert! Protest “Knock the Vote” Video & Leverage New Resources

As encore leaders, we know ageism is the biggest obstacle to our success with funders, nonprofits, governments and people of all ages. This week’s galvanizing example: Knock the Vote, older adults in “greedy geezer” mode telling young people not to vote. Take your blood pressure medicine – then check out the video. Tone-deaf progressives at Acronym (a “radically-honest […]

South Korea – redefining life in the “homo hundred” era

If you want to experience a bold, sophisticated program engaging older adults, head straight to a Seoul 50Plus campus in South Korea’s capital. In May, I met with leaders of the 50Plus program, participated in their first anniversary conference and toured the Central Campus. I’ve seen a lot of encore programs in my role as […]

Encore Talent Works: Building the Market for Encore Talent

In a marketplace driven by supply and demand, can the demand for encore talent – experienced, 50+ adults who want to make a difference – generate ample opportunities for the steady supply of encore-seekers who want to work in social-impact roles? Can we educate the market to understand the powerful human resource embodied in encore […]