Author: Betsy Werley

Ageism Alert! Protest “Knock the Vote” Video & Leverage New Resources

As encore leaders, we know ageism is the biggest obstacle to our success with funders, nonprofits, governments and people of all ages. This week’s galvanizing example: Knock the Vote, older adults in “greedy geezer” mode telling young people not to vote. Take your blood pressure medicine – then check out the video. Tone-deaf progressives at Acronym (a “radically-honest […]

South Korea – redefining life in the “homo hundred” era

If you want to experience a bold, sophisticated program engaging older adults, head straight to a Seoul 50Plus campus in South Korea’s capital. In May, I met with leaders of the 50Plus program, participated in their first anniversary conference and toured the Central Campus. I’ve seen a lot of encore programs in my role as […]

Encore Talent Works: Building the Market for Encore Talent

In a marketplace driven by supply and demand, can the demand for encore talent – experienced, 50+ adults who want to make a difference – generate ample opportunities for the steady supply of encore-seekers who want to work in social-impact roles? Can we educate the market to understand the powerful human resource embodied in encore […]

Encore Innovation Conversations: Encore Help for People with Dementia

People with dementia and their families often express the desire to continue to live at home. ReServe’s Dementia Care Coaching program taps the strengths of encore talent to support people in their daily lives – often, making a crucial difference. The project was the winner of a $5,000 prize at’s Fast Pitch contest in […]