To help nonprofits meet critical needs during these difficult times, and some of its partner programs will offer more options for nonprofits that need seasoned, professional talent to fill gaps and add expertise.

Since 2009,’s Encore Fellowship program has matched 2,000 skilled professionals who are approaching retirement with social sector organizations searching for capacity-building expertise in high-impact, paid engagements.

Going forward, Encore Fellows™ will be available for shorter length fellowships, virtually or in-person, to fill interim positions, plan and implement strategic projects, and provide critical expertise in areas including fundraising, strategy development and change management.

“We want to help organizations that are struggling right now,” says Jim Emerman, a vice president at “We have created new types of Encore Fellowships to meet what is, for many, an existential challenge. An Encore Fellow could be brought in to create a new financial or staffing plan, implement new operations, devise a change management strategy or identify new funding sources — now virtually, or in a shorter time frame.”

Most important, he adds, “We have a rich pool of talent ready and willing to be placed.”

In recent months, many Encore Fellows™ have shifted to virtual roles and continued to add enormous value to their host organizations. Fellows like:

  • Frederick Ho, who is using his tech background to help HomeFirst staff and the people experiencing homelessness that they work with stay connected.
  • John Sheehan, who is helping Second Harvest of Silicon Valley get emergency food to people who need it.
  • Harriette Cole, a media whiz who is helping AARP engage with the African American/Black community in meaningful ways.

Nonprofits interested in hiring virtual fellows will be able to access talent anywhere in the country.

There are new options, as well, in terms of service, in many areas across the country. In addition to the standard 1000-hour fellowship, Encore Fellows™ may now be available for 250 hours (part time for three months or full time for a month and a half) or 500 hours (part time for six months or full time for three months).

Costs for bringing on fellows vary by region and length of assignment. Discounts may be available.

If your organization is interested in bringing on an Encore Fellow, please send an email to Jim Emerman, [email protected] 

If you would like to serve as an Encore Fellow, apply here.

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