Encore Summit 2018

In November, 250 leaders from the US and several other countries gathered in Los Angeles to explore a set of key questions about making the most of longer lives.

  • How will we use this time to create a new vision of the future that works for all generations?
  • What opportunities can we seize together, and what barriers are in our way?
  • How can we accelerate change to transform longer lives into a force for good?

Participants also helped launch Marc Freedman’s newest book, How to Live Forever, and attended the Gen2Gen Encore Prize finals.

The resources on this page provide a glimpse into the ideas and energy generated at the event.

Highlights Album

Summit Illustrations

By Liza Donnelly, New Yorker Cartoonist


Road to the Finals

Happy 20th Anniversary, Encore.org!

Gen2Gen Launch Video

Time for an Encore

Eisner Encore Prize

What is Old?


Fostering Hope wins $50,000 Gen2Gen Encore Prize

Fostering Hope wins $50,000 Gen2Gen Encore Prize

Young people growing up in foster care face tremendous challenges, but a Colorado nonprofit is proving that older adult volunteers can provide the web of support that kids need to heal and that foster families need to keep going. For its groundbreaking work tapping...

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