Marci Alboher posing with another MEA attendee.

My last big trip before the pandemic was to the Modern Elder Academy, a magical place in Baja Sur, Mexico, where I spent a week with 20 people wrestling with big questions about midlife transitions. Even though I was part of the faculty, I learned so much about what I wanted for my own next chapter. And I left with some concrete ideas about how to get there. I also left with a collection of dear friends from varied walks of life and a few continents. We still meet virtually every month to support one another.

I’m thrilled that my first big trip in 2022 will take me right back to MEA! I’ll be leading a workshop the week of February 20-27 called “Crafting Your Encore Career.”

We’ll dig into questions like these:

  • How can I figure out what I want at this stage of my life?
  • How can I connect my interests to volunteer and paid opportunities?
  • How can I work alongside and learn from younger people?
  • And how can I be prepared for the pivots and detours that inevitably arise?

There will also be opportunities to stretch. You can meet with a shaman, learn to surf, or just slow down long enough to experience the moment and connect with dreams that have long been dormant.

I’ll be co-facilitating with MEA co-founder Christine Sperber, a former professional snowboarder, which means that the whole thing will be infused with a sense of fun, adventure and exploration. Without revealing too much about how the magic happens, I can say that it’s way better to do all this in a setting that involves a lot of bread (baking and breaking), laughter, beach-walking and sunsets.

Of course Covid is a concern for any of us traveling these days. I’m impressed with the serious protocols that MEA has in place. I’m also drawn to MEA because so much of the experience happens outside and in nature.

I hope you’ll consider joining me in Baja – details here. And if it sounds just right for someone you know, please share this link. Note that MEA is committed to socio-economic diversity, so scholarships are available.

If you like the sound of this but aren’t able or inclined to travel right now, MEA also offers an 8-week virtual program to navigate midlife transitions with “confidence and a fresh perspective.”

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