Below is an excerpt from a new piece in the Financial Times that features Robert Roy, one of our Encore Fellows™, and others who are “unretiring” and joining a movement of experienced professionals coming back to work in droves. Robert’s story focuses on how his Encore Fellowship helped him transition. Robert felt something was missing: “I thought, ‘what is my purpose in life? What’s next? What do I do?'” At 79 years old, he’s working two days a week in mental health services. He made the shift thanks to Encore Fellowships.

Eighteen months ago, Tom Harvey retired. Then this year he changed his mind and unretired. He is far from alone. In the UK, according to research in Aging & Society, 25 per cent of retirees return to work, about half of these within five years of retirement.

It defined unretirement as “reporting being retired and subsequently recommencing paid employment, or beginning full-time work following partial retirement (working fewer than 30 hours per week)”. A 2010 study found that rates were similar in the US.

Such research suggests that retirement may no longer be a permanent state. Instead, it is a process.

Read the full article in the Financial Times here

Published: December 5, 2017

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