Judson Manor is a gracious former 1920s luxury hotel near The Cleveland Clinic, Case Western University, and many of the museums and arts institutions in Cleveland, Ohio. Today it houses 120 highly educated retirees with an average age of 79 — and seven 20-something graduate students.

Back in 2010, one of Judson’s residents realized that the goal of enlivening the cultural life of the retirement community and the need to provide affordable housing for nearby graduate music students might be simultaneously solved.

It turned out to be an inspired insight, and soon it led to an artist-in-residence program. In return for free rent in a beautiful building blocks from the Cleveland Institute of Music, graduate students agree to perform for the residents and participate in meals and other community events.

The partnership has been a triumph of efficiency — a win-win for the cultural climate of Judson and often-stretched student bank accounts. But something else has happened. By bringing together older and younger people with something in common — a shared love of music, art, and learning — deep connections have followed.

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Published: June 6, 2018