I’m writing to let you know about a profoundly important new book from one of the most influential columnists of our time.

The Second Mountain, written by New York Times and PBS NewsHour commentator David Brooks, tells a compelling and ultimately hopeful story about the power of connection — not just to improve our own lives, but to heal what ails us as a society.

As my review in the Washington Post argues, The Second Mountain is very much about the second half of life from an astute social observer as he moves more deeply into this period. It draws on the work and wisdom of many of our close collaborators — from Stanford professors Bill Damon and Anne Colby, both experts on purpose, to All Our Kids (AOK) and Thread, both Gen2Gen partner organizations.

Brooks writes this book not just as a pundit but as an activist — or as he would say, a weaver. His new initiative at the Aspen Institute, Weave: The Social Fabric Project, unites those working to “replace loneliness, division and distrust with relationship, community and purpose.”

It’s a powerful and timely message.


Published: April 19, 2019

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