Susan Rocco

Worcester, PA

I am the founder, producer and host of €œWomen to Watch Talk Radio where I spotlight female CEO’s, founders, leaders and entrepreneurs and tell “the real story behind her title.” My mission is to inspire and encourage more women to pursue leadership roles worldwide. My deeper goal is to bring more peace to the world.

I have a deep desire to learn from others and the paths they took to reach success. After many years of not being confident in my ability to pursue this passion as a career, I finally decided at the age of 48 to believe in myself, and the skills that I have to connect with others no matter their background.

I walked into a radio station with an idea for a show, and three years later have interviewed over 150 high caliber women from around the world! My motivation came from a place of wanting to help more young women and older women develop the self-esteem that I lacked for so many years. It is the one thing that holds so many women back.

My belief is that when successful women shed the “Imposter Syndrome” they often walk around with, and share who they really are behind their title, the greatest lessons are learned.

In 2014, I interviewed a woman named Michelle Tenzyk, a successful executive in the field of human resources. She worked at Swiss Bank, Tiffany & Co. and Lehman Brothers to name a few. For the first time publicly, Michelle shared with our audience that she had suffered from severe clinical depression. She left that day with a new sense of freedom and received a tremendous amount of support and admiration from her colleagues.

Since that day, Michelle created an organization called “The Truth Behind Our Titles” and plans to hold events for executive women to share their own stories. These are important stories because they show women that the adversities they face in their personal lives is what gives them the resiliency to continue in their professional lives and have success.

As we age, we have a tremendous amount of life experience that allows us to see things more clearly. I have come to know that aging is not a time to slow down, but a time to offer the world our best selves. We have so much more confidence and less distraction then younger people, being in a place of understanding the actual brief time we have on this earth. We now know what matters, we are often more curious and those two things lead to revelations of substance and purpose. The more people we have as a whole living with purpose, the better our world will be!