Encore Stories

Our encores are creating a better future
for our communities and the world.

Her Encore Fellowship prepared her to lead a nonprofit helping people who have suffered catastrophic injuries.

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Louise Smith

Wellington, FL

Her Encore Fellowship tapped her management skills to help a homeless shelter, and the women and children who live there.

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Maripat Glover

Albuquerque, NM

This artist creates public art in communities around the world that are plagued by poverty, crime and despair.

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Lily Yeh

Philadelphia, PA

He helps disabled women who are survivors of domestic abuse find a home for themselves and their children.

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Paul Feuerstein

New York, NY

Having spent time in the Philippines as a child, she found a way to funnel books to poor children from afar.

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Tia Razon

Burlingame, CA

This cross-cultural trainer trains young women worldwide to take the lead on changing their societies for the better.

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Joanne Grady Huskey

Bethesda, MD

He works as an aide in his wife’s first-grade classroom. They were interviewed by their son for StoryCorps.

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Warren Weems

Baltimore, MD

He aims to stanch the flow of violence and trauma by bringing mobile health clinics to war zones.

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Eberhard Riedel

Seattle, WA

60-year old tutors working in a Los Angeles pre-school show the undeniable results of the “grandparent effect.”

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Senior Corps Volunteers

Los Angeles, CA
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