I was in high school when I sat in front of the TV with my parents watching John F. Kennedy be inaugurated as president. The experience shaped the adult I would become in ways I never imagined. In JFK’s words, I heard the call to take an active role in my country. Today I am still moved by how this handsome, young president challenged me to take action, and helped to shape my future.

Earlier this month, as part of the centennial commemoration of President Kennedy’s birth, I spent a day at the Massachusetts State House, serving as a judge for a high school Civics Day put on by Generation Citizen, a national nonprofit that prepares young people to participate in our democracy. Some 30 teams from Greater Boston were there to show 100 judges the projects they had completed during the semester.

They are a new generation of Americans, known as Centennials, or Generation Z, and we are already seeing in them an ability to apply critical thinking skills, analyze systemic causes and collaborate as a team to solve problems.

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Published: May 27, 2017



Originally posted in the Boston Herald.

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