“Instead of viewing the aging population as a series of problems to be solved, we can view these gaps in our care infrastructure as opportunities to be filled…The future of aging brings a huge employment opportunity to offset other jobs lost due to economic shifts.”

Sarita Gupta

Sarita Gupta is the Director of the Future of Work(ers) Program at the Ford Foundation. She leads the team that oversees Ford’s efforts to actively shape a future of work that puts workers and their well-being at the center.

Sarita joined the Ford Foundation with more than 20 years of experience working to expand people’s ability to come together to improve their workplaces, their communities, and their lives by creating solutions to the problems they face. She has deep expertise in policy advocacy, organizing, and building partnerships across the workers’ rights and care movements, having served as the Executive Director of Jobs With Justice and Co-Director of Caring Across Generations. She is a nationally recognized expert on the economic, labor, and political issues affecting working people, and is widely acknowledged as a key leader and strategist in the progressive movement.

During her tenure at Jobs With Justice, Sarita led a network of 30+ labor and community coalitions that anchored campaigns, changed the conversation, and moved labor, community, student and faith voices into action. Jobs With Justice has been on the front lines of successful organizing and policy campaigns to boost wages and working conditions for all working people and improve labor and civil rights protections for immigrant men and women.

Sarita co-founded Caring Across Generations, a national movement of families, caregivers, people with disabilities, and aging Americans working to transform the way we care in this country so that all families can live well and age with dignity. As co-director of Caring Across Generations, Sarita spearheaded the campaign which calls for policy solutions that create a much-needed care infrastructure that provides high-quality, affordable options for people who need care, support for family caregivers, and strengthens the care workforce. The campaign was instrumental in paving the way for the Home Care Rule, the effort to provide minimum wage and overtime protections for 2 million home care workers. The campaign was also successful in winning the Kapuna Caregiver Program in Hawaii, which provides a financial benefit to working family caregivers. And most recently, the Washington Long-Term Care Trust Act, which establishes the first state based public long-term care program in the nation.

She is a Hunt Alternatives Fund Prime Movers Fellow as well as a graduate of the Rockwood Leadership Training Program. She is an Encore Public Voices Fellow. Among the awards Sarita has received are the National Women’s Law Center Annual Leadership Award, the Francis Perkins Open Door Award, a Mount Holyoke College Alumnae Achievement Award, and Corporate Ethics International’s BENNY Award.


Learn more here about the Encore Public Voices Fellowship, which supports diverse voices focusing on aging, longevity and the intergenerational opportunity. 

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