As an Associate Director at from 2008 to 2011, Lucie contributed to the design and launch of the Silicon Valley Encore Fellows™ Program and the Encore Fellowships Network (EFN). She worked as part of the team defining and implementing the model, and managed program operations for the first cohort groups, becoming the face of EFN to the Fellows as she recruited nonprofits, matched Fellows and hosted cohort meetings, providing ongoing guidance and support. By the program’s third year, she worked on scaling the model with the network approach with other EFN leadership. ”Being able to work with the team to support transitions into social-impact work, and then see the growth of the program across the country has been a truly satisfying experience,” she said.

Lucie then had the opportunity to leverage encore talent towards a specific organization whose mission she deeply believed in, Aspiranet, which provides children, youth and families with a foundation of support and services so they can succeed at home, at school and in their communities. As Aspiranet already strategically used encore talent as foster parents, Encore Fellowships had a natural affinity with its mission and Aspiranet was one of the first social-impact organizations to host Encore Fellows™. As director of their Encore Fellowships Program, Lucie transplanted and adapted the program to their needs; Aspiranet now recruits and runs its own program and Fellowships fill crucial workforce roles, with an eye to transitioning into full-time positions when the individual and the organization are a great fit.

Lucie plans to retire and seek her own encore. We thank Lucie for her work on behalf of the Encore Fellowships Network and wish her enjoyment and success, wherever her encore will take her.

Published: June 28, 2017

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