Today’s a big day for putting our cause on the map!

The New York Times has posted two stories today in its New Retirement section that will help inform millions of readers about the value of bringing the generations together.

Photo credit: Peter Prato for The New York Times

The first article — Bringing Older Americans Back into the Fold — is a Q&A with our CEO Marc Freedman on the publication of his new book, How to Live Forever.

The second article — The New 50s: Far from Retirement — is by Marci Alboher, our VP of Strategic Communications, about how to stay relevant in the workplace longer by engaging more deliberately with younger colleagues.

Please take a few minutes to read both pieces and share the stories widely on social media (see below for suggested tweets). After all, this doesn’t happen every day!

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[email protected]_freedman is “on a mission to reintegrate older people into the lives of younger ones.” via @Maya__Salam in @nytimes cc: @EncoreOrg @AlisonGopnik @ExperienceCorps @SeniorCorps #Gen2Gen #HowToLiveForever (click to tweet)

[email protected]: “Attitudes of younger colleagues are just as important as our own when we think about finding new roles in a rapidly transforming workplace.” via @nytimes @Cirkel_World @ChipConley @sharonlewisnyc @PipelineAngels @Turtlewise @MentorColorado (click to tweet)


Published: December 4, 2018

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