Ten years ago, The Purpose Prize set out to tell a new story about creativity and innovation in the second half of life. Today, the work of more than 500 honorees is testimony to the extraordinary possibilities of the “encore” years, for individuals and for society.

As we move forward into the second decade of The Purpose Prize, the story continues to become even more powerful. We have long dreamed of a bigger stage for The Purpose Prize – a chance for it to inspire millions upon millions of people. And so, we are thrilled to announce the transitioning of The Purpose Prize to a new home at AARP, where it can become the inspirational force for social change we all believe it can be.

Encore.org and AARP share a common goal of re-envisioning aging in America, and a long history of collaboration. In 2011, AARP adopted the tutoring and mentoring program Experience Corps, another flagship program launched by Encore.org, with the strategy of greatly expanding the scale of that program through its national network and pipeline of 50+ adults. That same year, AARP sponsored the first Purpose Prize award focused on intergenerational innovation.

Under the leadership of AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins, we believe that The Purpose Prize will have its own second act that’s more significant and sweeping than everything that’s led up to this point. As we strengthen our partnership with AARP, we look forward to dreaming big about the future of encore talent, together. Over the next decade, we believe the Prize has the potential to take its message of later life creativity and innovation to every corner of the globe — demonstrating how life’s second half can be a time when everyone has the chance to become a force for change.

I, along with Purpose Prize Director Eunice Lin Nichols and the Purpose Prize team, invite you to continue to be a part of The Purpose Prize community — and the world-changing innovations it celebrates. 

Marc Jo Ann and 2015 PP winners

Encore.org CEO Marc Freedman and AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins with 2015 Purpose Prize winners (Photo credit: S. Smith Patrick / Encore.org)


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