How can the skills and experience of encore talent be mobilized to support vulnerable youth? That’s the question a group of distinguished thought leaders and scholars led by CEO and founder Marc Freedman, David and Lucile Packard Foundation President and CEO Carol Larson and Stanford Center on Longevity director Laura Carstensen, sought to answer at the Stanford Center on Longevity’s “Pass It On” conference.

The conference aimed to define and advance new cultural norms that would include encore investments in rising generations and ‘generative’ cooperation across generations, with a clear focus on education- and learning-related services, from preK through college access. In addition to exploring cultural norms, discussions probed the needs of vulnerable children and youth, successful examples of encore human capital meeting these needs, and how organizations and the powerful human capital embodied in the encore movement can make the future better for future generations. For details, explore the full proceedings, which offer compelling ideas and concrete strategies for change.

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