“We need an intentional way for youth and adults to tackle today’s biggest issues together, and my voice will help design solutions that can lead to large-scale change.”


Kevin Rabinovich

Designer / Civic Organizer
Columbia, SC

Kevin is the executive producer and founder of Dangerously Persistent, a studio specializing in online events from start to finish. His clients and partners include Bernie 2020, Equality Now, and numerous TED and TEDx events. He also serves as executive director of [email protected], South Carolina’s by-youth, for-youth nonprofit that has engaged thousands of high school students in dialogue on today’s big issues. In 2018, he founded DesignUnderstandAct, a residential training and fellowship that helps young organizers improve their activism using design thinking.


Learn more here about the Encore Public Voices Fellowship, which supports diverse voices focusing on aging, longevity and the intergenerational opportunity. 

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