“As a former youth volunteer in dementia and hospice, I know firsthand the energy and spirit that young people have to work with older adults, and we want to create opportunities for young people to offer companionship to families who crave it most.”

Joy Zhang

Joy Zhang is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Mon Ami, a company she started with her classmate when they were in business school at Stanford. Mon Ami aims to reduce social isolation and connect the generations by helping families find college student companions for their aging loved ones. Before business school, Joy worked for six years in aging and healthcare. She worked on the World Health Organization’s Innovation for Aging team, and is a founding member of two startups in the aging and caregiving space: AgeWell Global (South Africa, USA) and Weal Life (USA). She is passionate about the intersection of tech, aging, and entrepreneurship. She has been a volunteer in dementia care and hospice settings since high school.


Learn more here about the Encore Public Voices Fellowship, which supports diverse voices focusing on aging, longevity and the intergenerational opportunity. 

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