A guide to intergenerational strategies
for public sector innovators seeking
solutions to community challenges

By Corita Brown, Ph.D.

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Gen2Gen is thriving in the City of San Jose 

“We don’t have all the financial resources we need to solve these problems — no city does. But we are rich in human resources.”
— San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo


Is your city ready for Gen2Gen solutions?

“These leaders are helping to build stronger ties, foster greater empathy, make better use of public spaces, increase volunteerism and save money, all while improving outcomes for residents of all ages.”


7 ideas for those ready to try new approaches 

  • Build community with intergenerational events and activities
  • Increase volunteerism by tailoring opportunities for adults 50+
  • Activate public spaces with intergenerational programming 
  • Advance early care and education by engaging more adults 50+  
  • Improve outcomes for youth and older adults through mentoring 
  • Increase affordable housing by expanding intergenerational housing options
  • Build city staffing capacity with Encore Fellows™


6 strategies to help set the stage for experimentation

  • Activate leadership
  • Map existing efforts
  • Align priority areas and resources
  • Assign someone to lead
  • Identify potential challenges
  • Build on best practices


4 strategies for making Gen2Gen business as usual

  • Link new strategies to existing city work
  • Advocate for shared sites
  • Cultivate intergenerational networks
  • Develop innovative funding strategies


“Communities need to look at their changing demographics. Never have this many people lived this long; many places now have a more old than young population for the first time in history.”



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