Boston, MA

“I am fascinated by ‘in-between spaces’ that exist between different groups of people be it cultural, generational, political etc., and how that space is bridged.”


Frankie Huang is a Chinese American writer, strategist and artist whose work frequently focuses on the lives of women across generations. Frankie has been published by The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Guardian, and Foreign Policy, among other publications.

Frankie strives to learn about the needs, desires and plans of older adults, so that she may tell their stories and help society appreciate their humanity and the invaluable contribution they bring. She finds empowerment and inspiration in her nonagenarian grandmother, a brilliant woman who has been flourishing in her encore career for the past 25 years.

Frankie has studied and worked in both the US and China in the past decade. After obtaining her Master’s in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago, she worked in survey research, video game localization and brand insight before launching her freelance writing career in late 2018.

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