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    Challenging higher education to develop the skills and talents of experienced adults to help solve social problems.

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EncoreU: A New Vision for Higher Education

EncoreU is a catalyst, a resource and a rising force for social change, in a sector uniquely poised to shape and inform the social contract. EncoreU aims to transform a “problem” — millions of retirement-age Americans — into a diverse and dynamic solution to some of society’s most persistent challenges.

To do this, colleges and universities across America are committing their leadership and their resources to serve our society’s new demographics and leverage the talents and skills of experienced adults by creating encore- and age-friendly institutions of higher education.

*  On October 14, on the invitation of Encore NEO in Northeast Ohio, higher-ed leaders convened a Higher Education Initiative to better understand the implications of the longevity boom and the encore demographic. Conversations explored potential collaborations and opened a dialog to inform a new vision for encore-friendly higher ed in the region.

* The EncoreU Summit for Higher Education Leaders was held March 20-21 at NYU. More than 20 visionary institutions met to discuss policies, practices and pathways to support the transitions of retiring faculty, alumni and working professionals in our communities who want to continue to work and contribute in meaningful ways.


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Useful Resources About Encore in Higher Education

Universities Cater to a New Demographic: Boomers

In this blog for the Harvard Business Review, Encore.org founder Marc Freedman endorses “schools for the second half of life”  and calls on universities to create them.

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Changing Higher Education to Support Life/Work Transitions

Former EncoreU director Barbara Vacarr makes the case for experienced students in higher education, as the cutting-edge of a new and growing wave of human talent.

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An Aging America: Higher Ed's New Frontier

What should colleges for people moving into their second half of life look like?  Encore.org Founder Marc Freedman invokes psychologist Carl Jung in in his article for Change Magazine.

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Colleges Are Failing America's Midlife Population

With so many boomers looking for help to transition to a new phase of work, why has there been a deafening silence from the nation’s colleges and universities?  Former EncoreU Director Barbara Vacarr talks with Rich Eisenberg at Forbes.com.

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Featured University Programs

Pace University

Pace University’s Encore Transition Program helps executives and professionals transition into encore roles that advance the greater good.

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Washington University

Washington University’s George Warren Brown School of Social Work helps adults 50+ leverage their years and experience to solve social problems and contribute to their communities.

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Tulane University

Tulane University provides older students with the tools to imagine, create and succeed in “careers with a purpose.”

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University of Washington

University of Washington EncoreU initiatives introduce UW employees and retirees to encore opportunities.

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Featured Students

Poem Swentzell

This former massage therapist completed a two-year master’s degree at Washington University in St. Louis to launch her encore in hospice care and healing.

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James Green

This retired University of Washington professor obtained certification in hospital chaplaincy in Seattle and tested the theories he had taught for 30 years.

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