Start the new year with a new appreciation for the role of encore talent in local government — and how employers, organizations and individuals can capitalize on the “Experience Dividend.”

In writing the article, I focused on practical advice for people and groups interested in the encore idea and the encore movement, as well as sharing a list of helpful resources for additional information — and inspiration.

An excerpt from the Alliance for Innovation is below; click here for the complete text.

“I know firsthand the benefits of engaging experienced boomers. They’re a valuable and much-needed community resource.”                                – Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton

Budget cuts. Retirements. Hiring freezes. How do local and state governments get the important work done at all, much less expand critical services?

Good news: older adults offer a new talent source for local governments, working pro bono, for modest stipends or in full-time paid roles. Longer, healthier lives offer an “encore” stage for people in their 60s and beyond who bring skills honed over decades of work, a desire to stay engaged, the time to tackle new projects – and the experience and energy to improve their communities. At, we’re building a movement to tap the talents of midlife and older adults and supporting organizations that supply encore talent to organizations, cities and other governmental agencies.

Innovative state and local government leaders across the U.S. have successfully dipped into this talent pool to get solid results and build community engagement and their stories provide helpful insights on the impact these individuals can have. (Read more here.)

Published: January 4, 2016

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