For 27 years, the United Nations has marked the International Day of Older Persons, also known as UNIDOP (admittedly fun to say out loud). This year’s event on Oct. 5 at the UN in New York City focused on “tapping the talents and participation of older persons.”

The theme was a perfect platform for founder and CEO Marc Freedman, who delivered the keynote address. Freedman spoke about the need for a “revolution of social and cultural innovation” to engage millions of people 50+ in solving pressing social problems throughout the world.

Freedman spoke about a raft of innovative programs that are driving progress – including AARP Experience Corps, the Encore Fellowships Network, Now Teach, Singapore’s far-reaching Action Plan for Successful Ageing, the Purpose Prize and the Generation to Generation campaign

Calling the growing number of people 50+ across the globe a tremendous opportunity, not a problem, Freedman urged all those watching to get involved. “The future is not going to wait,” he said. “There are so many urgent and pressing problems that require this army of human and social capital right now.”

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Published: October 11, 2017

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