We are pleased to announce our newest Program for Encore Fellowships, Social Venture Partners, Boulder County, the fifth Social Venture Partners chapter to work with Encore to utilize Encore Fellowships as a component of their engaged philanthropy strategy.

Social Venture Partners Boulder County launched the Encore Fellowships program earlier this year. Carolyn Powell, Encore Fellowships Program Manager comments, “The minute that I became aware of the possibility of making the Encore Fellowships program a reality for our community I knew that it would be a special opportunity fully aligned with Boulder’s values and culture and a fit with SVP Boulder County, as we’ve been at the forefront of providing capacity building and sustainability support to social impact organizations. We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and interest from our nonprofit community and by potential Fellow applicants who recognize the value of the program and welcome it.  We have already placed two fellows and we look forward to placing many more Fellows in the near future.” At right is Carolyn with the first Encore Fellow to be placed, Geoff Gould.

To learn about becoming or hosting a Fellow, contact Carolyn Powell, SVP Boulder County’s Encore Fellowships Program Manager, at [email protected] or by phone at 303-506-5359.

Published: June 1, 2017

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