We’re delighted to announce that Encore.org and Inspiring Capital are working together on an innovative pilot program in the New York metropolitan area, offering intergenerational teams of business talent to social impact organizations. The program consists of an Inspiring Capital Summer MBA Fellow and an Encore.org. Encore Fellow, who will sustain the work done by the MBA Fellow, for the remainder of the year. Encore Fellows™ are experienced professionals matched with social purpose organizations to complete high impact assignments over a specified period of time. Summer MBAs are from top graduate business programs and provide consulting designed for impact and insight to the social sector.

We are offering a select group of organizations the opportunity to learn more and participate in the pilot. If you’re a social impact organization that believes that this new opportunity might be of benefit to your organization, please contact Janet Shaw, Program Director at Encore Fellowships ([email protected]) to discuss your needs and how this program might help support your capacity building efforts.

Learn more at Inspiring Capital.

Published: July 2, 2018

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