“When we isolate the generations, we lose a powerful safety net and shared voice to strengthen one another and our communities. As a clinical psychologist, intergenerational champion, granddaughter, daughter and mother, my professional and personal experience lends a strong voice to the call for intergenerational safety nets that benefit all generations.”


Derenda Schubert

Executive Director, Bridge Meadows
Portland, OR

Dr. Derenda Schubert, a licensed psychologist, has extensive professional experience counseling children and families and creating, managing, and evaluating foster care, mental health and developmental disability programs. Additionally, she has conducted research in the areas of developmental disabilities and children’s mental health. She has held several executive leadership roles including Associate Director of Training at two of Oregon’s largest child and family mental health agencies.  

Dr. Schubert is an intergenerational champion, leading the team that created Bridge Meadows, advocating nationally for intergenerational solutions to complex social challenges, spearheading strategic planning and shaping Bridge Meadows’ expansive vision for the future. Dr. Schubert speaks locally and nationally on the topics of children’s mental health, community building, and intergenerational living.

Under Dr. Schubert’s leadership, Bridge Meadows has received national and international recognition from the National Home Builders Association, Angel in Adoption TM by Senator Wyden, the Intergenerational Excellence Prize from the Eisner Foundation, and the 2017 Fostering Innovation Award from Corporate LiveWire. She was also included in the top 10 Most Admired Non-profits by the Portland Business Journal, honored as Extraordinary Executive Director by Portland Monthly Magazine, and recognized as a 2017 Woman of Influence by the Portland Business Journal.  

Dr. Schubert is a graduate of Purdue University and DePaul University. 


Learn more here about the Encore Public Voices Fellowship, which supports diverse voices focusing on aging, longevity and the intergenerational opportunity. 

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