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David T. Hsu, PhD is a strategist working for a more equitable future beyond “us versus them.” Trained as a political scientist, he pairs deep interest in the core challenge of interdependence (how might diverse communities cooperate for mutual benefit?) with ten years of cross-sector leadership helping organizations to take bold action for the greater good.

Currently an Exploration & Future Sensing Fellow at Omidyar Network, David belongs to a strategic foresight unit that investigates frontier opportunities for philanthropic investment. His work also supports Omidyar Network’s new Pluralism portfolio. David has written about the systemic challenge of disconnection and division in “Untethered: A Primer on Social Isolation.”

David was previously Head of Business Innovation at the Hollywood-based impact consultancy Propper Daley, known for culture change strategies to address complex societal challenges via clients like John Legend (criminal justice reform), Kerry Washington (civic justice), Lady Gaga (youth mental wellbeing), Kellogg Foundation (racial equity), Viacom (youth activism), and Activision (veteran employment). He led business development and thought leadership initiatives, helping to launch the culture change summit A Day of Unreasonable Conversation. Earlier he worked in strategy and communications at NationBuilder, which makes technology to power grassroots campaigns, and for the tech section of the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division.

Shaped by the 9/11 attacks, David earned a BA at Duke and PhD at Princeton University, studying international cooperation under Robert Keohane at both institutions, before teaching global governance at the University of Pennsylvania. David serves on the Board of Directors of Encore.org (intergenerational problem-solving) and Inclusive Action for the City (economic justice). He lives with his partner Peter Kurie in Los Angeles.

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