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10 Ways You Can Support Early Childhood Education recently published an essay by Madeline Dangerfield-Cha and Joy Zhang titled, “Making the Case for Intergenerational Childcare: How Adults 50+ Can Support Home-Based and Family Childcare Centers.” To read the full essay, click here. For more on what you can do to support early childhood education, read on. 1. Volunteer in a preschool classroom. […]

Can Intergenerational Activism Unite Us? recently published an essay by Paul Taylor titled, “Intergenerational Activism: In a Divided America, a Tonic for All Ages.” This post is excerpted from the longer essay, which you can find here. Aging and racial diversity – the two great 21st century demographic dramas at the root of much of our political disunity – […]

Nurturing Purpose Beyond the Self in Older Adults

This article was written by Anne Colby and Jim Emerman. The Pathways to Encore Purpose (PEP) project is a collaboration between the Stanford Graduate School of Education and The project began with a nationally representative survey of nearly 1,200 adults, ages 50-90, followed by more than 100 in-depth interviews. At the same time, […]

“Generation War?” New Survey Shows Few Takers

Are the generations allied or opposed? Is the cliche of generational conflict legitimate — or false? These are the questions a national survey, commissioned by, sought to answer. The good news is that by far, people of different generations see enormous value in intergenerational relationships, not competition or conflict. In fact, an overwhelming majority of […]

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