Funds Available: What’s Your $250 Idea?

Want a little help launching a fun and creative intergenerational project in your community? Apply today for one of twenty-five $250 grants from the Gen2Gen How to Live Forever Fund. We want to help you move from inspiration — after reading CEO Marc Freedman’s new book, How to Live Forever — to action! We’re […]

Fired at 64 …An Entrepreneur at 66

 It was a Friday afternoon in December 2009 – just a few days before Christmas. Paul Tasner’s boss asked him “Hey, can you jump into a quick meeting with me before you take off for the weekend?” “So I followed him into a room and there in the room was our Director of Human […]

From Late Night With Conan To The Big Garden on Rikers Island

Deborah Shaw was a successful costume designer in New York City. For 15 years she worked for “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” creating hundreds of costumes for the program. But when the show opted to move to Los Angeles, she decided to stay in New York and do something completely different. And she gave herself […]

The Generation Gap and the Future of American Politics

The generation gap in the 2018 congressional election — the largest in history — offers a peek at what the contours of American politics could look like for decades to come. Here are the key takeaways. We’re seeing the largest partisan age gap ever. We’ve never before had a mid-term election in which young and […]

Quick Alert: See What the NYTimes Posted About Our Work Today

Today’s a big day for putting our cause on the map! The New York Times has posted two stories today in its New Retirement section that will help inform millions of readers about the value of bringing the generations together. The first article — Bringing Older Americans Back into the Fold — is a Q&A with our CEO Marc […]