“I want us to see older adults as contributors to the conversation, as problem solvers, as answers to our prayers. I have experienced the impact they can have in the education and the non-profit space, I know firsthand the difference they can make.”

Atalaya Sergi

Atalaya Sergi is an accomplished, results-oriented professional with proven success in designing and implementing initiatives that benefit children, families, and communities. She has dedicated her career to systemic change and to empowering those who have been marginalized and under-resourced. Atalaya has successfully designed, launched, and implemented innovative programming and is adept at fostering effective and productive partnerships with communities, institutions of higher education, and corporations. Atalaya began her career as a social worker and school counselor in the Charlottesville Public School system. At Jumpstart, she served as a Senior Program Director, Deputy Director, and Regional Vice President prior to her current role as the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Programming. Atalaya has been a member of numerous community-based committees and initiatives. She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and holds a master’s degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.


Learn more here about the Encore Public Voices Fellowship, which supports diverse voices focusing on aging, longevity and the intergenerational opportunity. 

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