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These five new books are a matter of life and death, Jan. 10, 2019
Over the course of five books and 20 years, Marc Freedman has emerged as an expert on the societal effects of our lengthening life spans. 
Bringing Older Americans Back Into the Fold (Sunday Print Edition), Jan. 6, 2019
Marc Freedman is not here to give advice on how to squirrel away dollars and cents for a leisurely retirement. He doesn’t want to talk about 401(k)’s, I.R.A.s, or stocks and bonds. Instead, he is asking us all to dig deeper — to entirely rethink our latter years. 
Living forever may be easier than you think, Dec. 31, 2018
Life everlasting is a concept we usually encounter in church or catechism class, but those who catch Marc Freedman’s upcoming appearance at the Commonwealth Club on Jan. 9 may be contemplating it from an entirely new angle.
20 Feel-Good Books to Read for a Happier Holiday Season, Dec. 24, 2018
Spend your holidays in the company of books that will leave you happy and inspired.
Living Longer, Living Better and Rediscovering our Humanity, Dec. 12, 2018
Marc Freedman joins the conversation, talking about his new book: How to Live Forever.
Why separating age groups is a ‘grievous wound’ for our society, Dec. 12, 2018
Marc Freedman says that connecting the old and the young has the power to make life more fulfilling for everyone. He’s the founder of, and the author of a new book called How to Live Forever: The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations.
Our Favorite Books of 2018, Dec. 11, 2018
Greater Good’s editors pick this year’s most thought-provoking, important, or useful nonfiction books on the science of a meaningful life.
Society Grows Great When Older People Plant Trees Under Whose Shade They Shall Never Sit, Dec. 6, 2018
In his terrific new book, How to Live Forever: The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations, Marc Freedman examines how we can make a more-old-than-young society work for all ages.
TED’s winter reading list: 78 feel-good books, Dec. 6, 2018
How to Live Forever is mentioned in the “If you’d like reasons to feel hopeful about the future” section.
Bringing Older Americans Back Into the Fold, Dec. 4, 2018
Marc Freedman is not here to give advice on how to squirrel away dollars and cents for a leisurely retirement. He doesn’t want to talk about 401(k)’s, I.R.A.s, or stocks and bonds. Instead, he is asking us all to dig deeper — to entirely rethink our latter years.

Note: story also picked up by SF Chronicle here.

How to Live Forever, Nov. 27, 2018
The author of “How to Live Forever”, Marc Freedman talks about the enduring power of connecting the generations before his book event at Powell’s Books in Downtown Portland. 
Living Forever, Vicariously: Bridging Generation Gaps, Nov. 26, 2018
Marc Freedman is not into plastic surgery, nutritional supplements, or the Singularity. He’s about bridging the generational divide in ways that benefit old and young alike. He visits The Exchange to talk about his work. 
Uniting the Young with the Old Against Age Discrimination, Nov. 21, 2018
Americans are living longer than ever before– and facing increasing age discrimination. As older people are separated from the young, loneliness is becoming a national health crisis. From Cleveland, Ohio to Singapore, new projects are bridging the generational divide, reinforcing the sense of common humanity. 
The ‘three-stage life’ poses new challenges to us all, Nov. 21, 2018
For most of history, chronological age mattered so little that the song “Happy Birthday” was barely known until 1934. 
The Best Books of 2018 on Aging Well, Nov. 19, 2018
Don’t ask where the time has gone; find ways to spend it meaningfully. There have been plenty of books published in the past year to help do just that. 
Here’s How to ‘Live Forever’, Nov. 19, 2018
Marc Freedman, the president and CEO of who coined the term “encore career” has just written a book, How to Live Forever: The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations (Public Affairs/Hachette). 
Chronicles Of A 50+ Entrepreneur: Attending The 20th Anniversary Summit, Nov. 16, 2018
After a trip away to attend a conference only a month ago, I was not really planning to attend either of two events that were packed with the must-watch players in our industry – the industry now being called the ‘Longevity Economy’ which is the result of the ‘Silver Tsunami’. 
Why Schools Should Bridge the Generational Divide, Nov. 15, 2018
Every so often a book I’m reading for work morphs into a book I’m reading for pleasure. This month that book was Marc Freedman’s How to Live Forever
Better Way to ‘Live Forever,’ Even for Nonbillionaires, Nov. 8, 2018
Some Silicon Valley billionaires are looking for it – or at least a way to extend life spans dramatically, perhaps by hundreds of years. Marc Freedman, however, has a more down-to-earth idea about immortality.
The Real Trick to Staying Young Forever, Nov. 8, 2018
People are living longer today. But how do we make sure those extra years are good ones? Author and social entrepreneur Marc Freedman has one idea. 
Building Bridges Across the Generational Divide, Nov. 1, 2018
Despite all the hand-wringing about the graying of America, the needs and assets of older and younger people are complementary. The key is to overcome our habits of age segregation. 
Pushy Moms, Grandmas2Go, and Other Ways to Bridge the Generation Gap (Note: paywall), Oct. 31, 2018
Marc Freedman was a struggling freshman at Swarthmore College back in the mid-70s when a 60-something college administrator, Gil Stott, took the teenager under his wing. 
Interview with Revolutionize Retirement
Dorian Mintzer — retirement transition expert, experienced therapist and coach, and co-author of, among other titles, The Couple’s Retirement Puzzle — interviews Marc Freedman about How to Live Forever.
How To Live Forever / News Release
For more than 30 years, Marc Freedman—one of the world’s leading experts on the longevity revolution—has been on a quest to answer some of contemporary life’s most urgent questions: With so many living so much longer, what is the meaning of the increasing years beyond 50? How can a society with more older people than younger ones thrive? How do we find happiness when we know life is long and time is short? 
From Kirkus Reviews, Sept. 18, 2018
Freedman’s “enthusiasm is infectious and affecting, and his agenda bristles with sincerity and significance. A book that grabs us by the shoulders, turns us toward an important issue, and grips us until we truly see and understand.”

Named one of the year's best books on aging well!


How to Live Forever tops the Wall St. Journal’s list of “Best Books of 2018 on Aging Well.” It’s the perfect gift for friends and family — and, since all author proceeds go to, buying copies is a great way to support our cause. So get a copy at your local bookstore or order online today!




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