Funding to help kickstart your Gen2Gen project

Inspired by Marc Freedman’s book, How to Live Forever? Have a fun, creative, intergenerational project in mind to bring generations together in your community?

Applications are currently closed.


What is Generation to Generation (Gen2Gen)?

The Gen2Gen campaign is mobilizing 1 million adults 50+ to stand up for — and with — young people today. Powered by and with the support of over 200 partner organizations and thousands of activists, Gen2Gen is a diverse and growing community bringing the generations together to improve life for all, helping youth-serving organizations tap experienced talent, and telling a new story about living Gen2Gen.

We believe that, together, we can realize the potential of longer lives, the potential of every child, and the power of older and younger generations working side by side for change.

What is the book How to Live Forever about?

How to Live Forever, a new book by CEO and President Marc Freedman, is a deeply personal call to find fulfillment and happiness in our longer lives by connecting with younger generations and forging a legacy of love that lives beyond us. Watch this video and check out this excerpt of the book to learn more.

What is the Gen2Gen How to Live Forever Fund?

The Gen2Gen How to Live Forever Fund can help you get a fun, creative intergenerational project started with an award of up to $250.

What is the deadline to submit an applicaton?

Applications are currently closed.

When will I learn if I will get a grant?

We will notify awardees on a rolling basis from February 11 to April 8. All notification letters will be sent by April 8.

When do projects have to happen?

Projects should be completed within six weeks of receiving award funding.

What is the Gen2Gen How to Live Forever Fund?

The Gen2Gen How to Live Forever Fund can help you get a fun, creative intergenerational project started with an award of up to $250.

Why invite people to do intergenerational How to Live Forever projects?
  • Everyone benefits when older and younger get together!
  • Projects that defy age segregation and bring the generations together can inspire local action to improve lives.
  • Gen2Gen is your campaign — and you know your community best. We want to invest in your ideas for intergenerational connections, then share what works with all Gen2Gen supporters.
What kinds of ideas are you looking for?
  • We’re looking for fun, creative projects inspired by How to Live Forever that bring adults 50+ and young people together.
  • Projects should tap the time, talent and experience of adults 50+ standing up for — and with — kids, creating relationships that benefit both generations.
  • We’re especially interested in projects that challenge age segregation and continue, after the formal project is completed, to build intergenerational connections. Check out the winning Gen2Gen Summer Fun(d) projects for inspiration.
What do I need to do to apply?

Applications are currently closed. But to give you an idea, our previous application contained the following questions:

  • What intergenerational activity are you proposing?
  • Why this project?
  • What are the goals and what results are you seeking?
  • How many people will be involved? How many will be impacted?
  • How much money (up to $250) are you applying for and how will you spend it?
  • What’s your estimated start and completion dates for your project?

Remember that if you are working with minors, you should keep in mind the safety and comfort of everyone involved. It might help to mention your childcare and/or supervision plan in your application.

Can anyone apply?

Yes, we accepted applications from individuals of any age and from any organizations in the United States.

How much can I apply for?

Up to $250.

Do How to Live Forever projects have to be multigenerational?

Yes. Events should include people 50+ and young people (0-24).

Do projects have to reach a minimum number of people?

No. But special consideration will be given to projects with a clearly articulated impact.

Can funds be awarded directly to an individual?

Yes. Or funds can be awarded to an organization. Either is fine!

What do I need to do to report back about a project?

Tell us your goals when you apply. Then when your project is complete, send photos, a video or a short report, sharing what you achieved and what you learned.

How many Gen2Gen How to Live Forever Fund grants are you awarding?

We awarded 21 grants of $250 each.

How can I help to spread the word?

We created a toolkit which included sample language and graphics, will make it easy for you to share this opportunity with your supporters! 

How else can I get involved in the Gen2Gen movement?

Check out ideas for individuals and organizations here.

I’ve got more questions. Who can I ask?

Send an email to us at [email protected].

Named one of the year's best books on aging well!

How to Live Forever tops the Wall St. Journal’s list of “Best Books of 2018 on Aging Well.” It’s the perfect gift for friends and family — and, since all author proceeds go to, buying copies is a great way to support our cause. So get a copy at your local bookstore or order online today!



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