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one of our corporate or philanthropic partners.

If you want to become a host and don’t see a program in your region, click here.
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While there may not be a program available currently in your area, we periodically add new sponsors and programs and we will contact you if there is a match in your geography. In the next 12 months, we hope to add programs in Washington, DC, Florida, and Texas.
Please note:  If a local program is not available in your area, it could be some time before an opportunity becomes available.

Regional Programs

Operated in 8 states and 10 metropolitan areas. Click on a state below to find and apply to a program in your area.


Experience Matters Maricopa County Encore Fellows
Area Served: Maricopa County AZ


ALF Sacramento and Sierra Region Encore Fellows
Area Served: Sacramento and Sierra region

Aspiranet Encore Fellows
Area Served: California

Los Angeles Encore Fellows Program
Area Served: Los Angeles

Mission Edge San Diego Encore Fellowships
Area Served: San Diego

San Francisco Bay Area Encore Fellows
Area Served: Silicon Valley and the San Francisco, Marin, and East Bay areas


Empower Success Corps Encore Fellows
Area Served: Greater Boston and New England


United Way of Central New Mexico Encore Fellows
Area Served: Central New Mexico


New York Encore Fellows
Area Served: New York metropolitan area


Social Venture Partners Portland Encore Fellows
Area Served: Portland OR Metro Area


Sponsored Programs

Operated in partnership with corporations, foundations, national nonprofits and others. Click on program below to learn more and apply.

INTEL (eligible Intel employees only)

The Intel Encore Career Fellows program offers Encore Fellowships to all of its U.S.-based, retirement-eligible employees.