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Regional Programs

Currently in 8 states and 23 metropolitan areas. Click on a state below to find and apply to a program in your area.


Experience Matters Maricopa County Encore Fellows
Area Served: Maricopa County AZ


ALF Sacramento and Sierra Region Encore Fellows
Area Served: Sacramento and Sierra region

Aspiranet Encore Fellows
Area Served: California

Los Angeles Encore Fellows Program
Area Served: Los Angeles

Mission Edge San Diego Encore Fellowships
Area Served: San Diego

San Francisco Bay Area Encore Fellows
Area Served: Silicon Valley and the San Francisco, Marin, and East Bay areas


Empower Success Corps Encore Fellows
Area Served: Greater Boston and New England including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut


United Way of Central New Mexico Encore Fellows
Area Served: Central New Mexico


New York Encore Fellows
Area Served: New York metropolitan area


Social Venture Partners Portland Encore Fellows
Area Served: Portland OR Metro Area


Sponsored Programs

Operated in partnership with corporations, foundations, national nonprofits and others. Click on a program below to learn more and apply.

INTEL (eligible Intel employees only)

The Intel Encore Career Fellows program offers Encore Fellowships to all of its U.S.-based, retirement-eligible employees.